How can I return the products I bought?


Provided that the packaging is not damaged, you can start the return process by creating a return request through ‘My Orders’ and then send the product you have purchased to the address below, with your name, surname, and telephone information.

Address: Floor No. 1, No:22, Unal Atalay Business Centre, Ankara Asfaltı Road, Çınarlı district, KONAK/İZMİR



When will I be refunded for the product that I have canceled/returned?


After receiving the product you have returned, your money will be refunded within two working days.



Can I change the shipping address or receiving address of my order?


You can change your delivery address by creating a new address in the ‘Add new address’ section for the product you wish to receive at a different address during the order creation phase.



When will my order arrive?


Your orders are processed and sent at the latest within two days after the order date.



How can I cancel my order?


You can easily cancel your orders through 'My Orders'.



Will the Campaign from which I have benefited be canceled if I return or cancel an order?


The coupons you have used in your canceled or refunded orders are automatically re-defined to your account.



Can I have my order gift wrapped? Can I add a gift note?


You can give us any requests in the ‘order notes’ section before order confirmation.



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