It is a member of the “Coffee Land Group” with 3 Brands

Kahve Diyarı (Coffee Land), which began its story with the slogan "This is Your Family" in Izmir in 2005, has more than 100 locations in 33 provinces across Turkey today, serving its customers under three different brands. Our primary purpose and motive are to provide quality service to our customers in all of our stores across Turkey, from Edirne to Kars.

We make various kinds of coffee, cake, ice cream, pastries, and desserts in our factory with the same care and attention that your mother puts into her cooking. Then, we sell and serve them in our stores. Our 5000 m2 production facility in Manisa Akhisar sets us apart from the chains in our industry.

In 2014, we had the honor of becoming the first coffee chain in Turkey to have a commercial inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” broadcast on national television. Besides, as the Main Sponsor of the Turkish Basketball League in 2015, we stated that we are the most active coffee market players.

With our Hale Patisserie brand in 2019, We blended the traditional pastry culture that was being forgotten with our contemporary sense and version. Our goal was to recreate almost-forgotten old tastes and the ambiance that was longed for.

In 2020, we introduced our sorbet brand, which has a unique position within our portfolio of brands.

The final cooking of the baklava in the store is the most significant component of our concept, which we have been working on for many years under the tagline "High taste, low cost.""

As the Coffee Land Group, we have meticulously taken all of the measures and essential precautions from the onset of this global pandemic, affecting everyone.

In this period, accompanied by a distressed mental state and physical distance from our loved ones, we opened our e-commerce site We continue to bring innovation to our delectable brands by merging our traditions with our childhood memories, which we carry from the past into the present and future. We combined the strength of our alternative, original, creative, and exquisite brands with the diversity of our products at

We are bringing wonderful coffee variations of Coffee Land ( Kahve Diyarı), fresh Hale Patisserie cookies, and pistachio-filled sorbet baklava to your home.

In the not-too-distant future, we will meet you by presenting the most delicate and authentic flavors of Anatolia straight from its land.

With sustainable flavors from our childhood to the future,

This land belongs to Your Family, Our Family.

This Land is Our land

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